overview RADISSON RED LAINGS TRADS FASTBRAND FastBrand | Brand Overview INCLUDED Come with us as we travel back in time to 1985! A lot of Wham, Spandex and dial phones on show in this great example of the fun you can have with video! And how presenting your brand in a light-hearted and entertaining way will make you stand out from everyone else. Gone are the old views of what a hotel should look and feel like. Radisson Red is a hotel with a new mindset, connecting unique design, with bold architecture, art and music. Watch the video and see why Radisson Red and Sky Bar is the place to be when visiting Glasgow. OVERKILL Overkill | Film Trailer
Find your sunshine. What does that mean to you? For Trads it means wherever you are in the world, their lenses will help you find your sunshine. We travelled with Trads to Valencia to create this 90 second online commercial. Watch the video and maybe find your sunshine. Matthew just found out he has a few months to live. Most people would be devastated, but for Matthew, it’s the best news he has ever received. With over 175 years experience in the jewellery industry, Laings is unmatched when it comes to quality. It was a pleasure to work alongside Laings to produce a video about their new preowned timepieces. Click to watch the video. Included is a new furniture brand that provides a range of pieces that are specifically designed for people who live with dementia and other cognitive and physical impairments. Projects like this are extra special when it directly helps people who need it most. Radisson Red | Glasgow
Trads | Find Your Sunshine
Laings | Preowned Watch Collection
Included | Brand Video
PORTFOLIO A CALM SEA SWAYS A Calm Sea Sways | Film Trailer
Years after her sister goes missing, Claire still struggles to move on. Bad relationships with her mother and now ex-boyfriend have put her in a vulnerable place and on the anniversary of Abby’s disappearance, Claire is forced to find out what really happened to her sister. BLACK & WHITE MARKETING Black & White Marketing | Brand Video
Black and White Marketing approached us to produce a video for their new blog campaign. It was a joy to work with managing director Jennifer Lynn and we were thrilled to go on this new journey with her.

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